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The State of Medical Care in America TODAY. Let's Change it TODAY.

Change the American Healthcare System today...The State of Medical Care in America
The State of Medical Care in America...:

I believe the American
medical system needs to be fixed.

It is very broken and as a whole, I feel that the average American pays WAY too much into the medical system. I have said it before, and I'll say it again, the insurance industry is the biggest fraud of an industry in the country. In my opinion, an even bigger fraud than all these people we're bailing out. Sadly, I feel that it's the insurance industry that is the reason why it is so hard to change our system.

I say all this as a health-care worker. I see sick people every day: People with acute injuries, such as your typical senior citizen with a broken hip down to chronic problems (one case that particularly had me thinking, was a guy I saw that had a malignant neoplasm of his kidney). Make no doubt about it, if you asked anyone I worked with, they would say that I give great patient care, but I feel like I would gain more out of my profession if I worked in a better system.

I can't help but add up the cost of just about every person I deal with's stay in the hospital. It's quite depressing. Insurance or no insurance, you usually run the risk of breaking your bank account when you have to stay an extended period of time in a hospital.

I absolutely love my job and what I do, don't get me wrong. But like I said, if our system was better off, I would be much happier.

Take into account my recent experience...Like I said, I work at a hospital, so you'd think I would have a great insurance plan. Wrong. I went into my primary care physician (who, by the way, is connected to the place that I work) to have some plantar's warts treated. After three acid treatments, I got a bill for 315 dollars. That is something I could have done for 15 dollars myself, at home. This was after a 20 dollar copay each time. And I have a 250 dollar deductible.

A lady I work with had both her parents get into a car accident this past year. Her dad stayed in the hospital for a month before he died, and her mom was in an ICU for a month before she was released. Both were insured. My co-worker is now in debt of over 150K from these hospital stays alone. That's a broken system, in my opinion.

I don't really know the ins and outs of the tax system, so I can't give an accurate plan to fix things, but I think Obama had somewhat the right idea. I say that you take all the tax money that we, as Americans pay into the system to support medicare and medicaid programs, and you reward us Americans by expanding that program, thus more than likely removing the negative connotation associated with the program. It makes no sense to me, as a taxpayer, that I should be paying taxes to pay for someone else's medical bills (medicaid bills usually come as no cost to the people on medicaid...and quite honestly, I have been on it before) when I can't even afford my own.

So, I pay God-knows how much tax money for someone who doesn't work (therefore, probably doesn't pay into medicaid) to go to the ER for a shoulder that they hurt 20 years ago(I have literally seen this happen 3AM), and then I turn around and pay for my own insurance, and after that, have to pay for whatever bills my insurance doesn't cover, which right now, is just about everything.

I say that you have to expand the medicaid program and make it more accessible to everyone, leaving insurance companies to compete. The reason I feel this won't ever happen is (a) money (you'd have to raise taxes to supplement this) and (b) it would bring about bankruptcy for most insurance companies.

It's just so unfortunate, that, in the United States of America, the supposed greatest country on Earth, we have a medical system that is worse than quite a few third-rate countries.

Have you seen any infant mortality rates(in which we rank just behind Brunei, Cyprus, and New Caledonia), or life expectancy (in which we rank just behind Bosnia and Herzegovina, Puerto Rico, and Jordan)'s just bad.

Sorry for the rant...
The State of Medical Care in America...
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